The Communications Quagmire
By: Ashish Gambhir

The frontline is the infantry of enterprise. Workers on the sales floor have the single-handed power to sway the results of transactions every minute, and the commanders at corporate are ready and willing to guide them.

… Ready, willing, and… unable.

Why? Here’s a thought experiment:

What if we took away the ability for Generals to communicate with their troops? What about Colonels? Lieutenants? Sergeants?

Bedlam. Chaos would be the only result, because as all good commanders realize, communication is the crux of strategy. No matter how good your tactics are, if you can’t effectively relay them and respond in real time, there is little point in attempting to deploy them at all.

Yet it’s this very situation that the vast majority of companies find themselves in. The George S. Pattons of corporate America vye to take the stage to deliver encouragement and guidance to their troops, only to discover that there is no stage. No screen. No phone. Not even a telegram wire.

No — there is no direct channel between the executive and the frontline employee. Instead, messages trickle down a waterfall of waning enthusiasm, losing authenticity and inspiration with each and every bureaucratic rung they must descend before reaching the people who actually interact with customers every day.

According to research from the University of Georgia, only 34% of frontline employees claim to know their organization’s strategic goals, and only 17% are actually able to articulate them accurately. Most frontline workers don’t even know who the CEO of their company is — let alone what sort of leader he or she is.

The problem? Time! Executives are swamped. There is no bandwidth in their schedules to research which dozen employees out of thousands are most worthy of recognition. Even if there were — how would they reach them? Via pager?

Businesses with hourly workers are lacking a vital communications pipeline, and of equal importance, accessible performance data.

Enter — you guessed it — MomentSnap. From one streamlined dashboard, executives can view the performance of every employee across their company through a suite of simple analytic tools. Recognizing employees — or sending messages via video or image — is as easy as a click. Communications are launched instantly across the entire frontline network, appearing in a TeamChat stream on the MomentSnap app, to be seen and engaged with by all.

With MomentSnap, Patton has his stage back.