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MomentSnap’s gamification techniques spur
tangible growth in performance metrics —

all while making work more fun.


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Of Users

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MomentSnap is the product of relentless research into the science of enthusiasm and drive. It’s entirely optional — but that hasn’t stopped 90% of users from opening the app at least once per shift.

“Now that everyone can see my scores, I try to have a better attitude, because before I used to have crappy attitude. Now I am more positive with guests.”

- Joanna, Bartender

“For me, it’s big to know that I am 3rd, 4th, or 5th place — that way I can make fun of the other servers. Some servers tell me they are ahead of me, so I say, ‘watch it! I will be ahead of you soon!.”

- Megan, Server

“Everyone using the app talks all the time about where they are in the leaderboard.”

-Steven, Retail Manager

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